Nightmare Wiki

Paying allegiance to no-one the Assassin is a damage dealing class that prowls in the dark corners of the night waiting for their next victim. They wear medium armor to reduce weight & wield two short-blades for quick strikes against unsuspecting foes.

The Assassin can hide in the shadows in times of danger, poison enemies & deal consistently high damage. They are the perfect solo class, but their contribution in a group should not be overlooked. New skills are unlocked at certain levels and are available for purchase from the Assassin Master in the Training Hall.


Ability Name Ability Icon Cost to Learn Required Level MP Cost Rarity Scales with
Shadow Shuriken Spell icon (11).png 100g 1 5 Common Speed
Poison Dagger Skill 026.png 500g 5 15 Common Speed
Stealth Mist Skill 074.png 2,500g 12 30 Uncommon Speed
Fatal Wound Skill 062.png 5,000g 18 50 Rare Speed
Stun Strike Skill 061.png 10,000g 25 80 Epic Speed
Kamikaze Skill 033.png 25,000g 30 100 Legendary Attack
Seal of the Assassin 100,000g 40 Legendary Attack


Level Main Offhand Torso Head Legs Finger Neck Back
1 Footpad Dagger Leather Tunic Leather Hat Explorer Pants (M), Explorer Skirt (F) Silver Choker Traveler Boots
5 Rogue Dirk Trader Hauberk Trader Kerchief Silver Ring Gold Necklace Work Boots
10 Raider Dirk Nomad Hauberk Nomad Kerchief Mining Pants (M), Mining Skirt (F) Gold Ring Ragged Cloak
15 Bandit Corvo Hunter Vest Hunter Bandana
20 Outlaw Corvo Thug Vest Thug Bandana Sunlight Cape
25 Marauder Cutlass Thief Coat Thief Beret
30 Rebel Band Dark Amulet War Cape Swamp Boots