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A renegade trained in the forests of Sylvenus, the Berzerker is a defensive class that uses their adrenaline to deal unbridled damage while managing to ward off incoming blows with ease.

Able to instill fear into their foes, stop them completely, & transform into a ferocious bear to trample on enemies, the Berzerker is a great addition to a party that aims for more offense than defense.

New skills are unlocked at certain levels and are available for purchase from the Berserker Master in the Training Hall.


Berserker Spells
Ability Name Ability Icon Cost to Learn Required Level MP Cost Rarity Scales with
Roar Skill 021.png 100g 1 15 Common Attack
Axe Throw AxeThrow.png 500g 5 25 Common Attack
Savage Fury Skill 167.png 2,500g 12 50 Uncommon Attack
Hunter's Net Skill 032.png 5,000g 18 100 Rare Attack
Brute Force Skill alt 055.png 10,000g 25 150 Epic Attack
Unleash The Beast Skill alt 085.png 25,000g 30 200 Legendary Attack
Berzerker's Fortitude 100,000g 40 Legendary Defence


Level Main - 2H Offhand Torso Head Legs Finger Neck Back
1 Explorer Hatchet Stone Plate Stone Helm Explorer Pants (M), Explorer Skirt (F) Silver Choker Traveler Boots
5 Woodsman Axe Squire Chainmail Squire Coif Silver Ring Gold Necklace Work Boots
10 Lumberjack Axe Warrior Chainmail Warrior Coif Mining Pants (M), Mining Skirt (F) Gold Ring Ragged Cloak
15 Vandal Hand Axe Imperial Cuirass Imperial Barbute
20 Saboteur Hand Axe Dragoon Cuirass Dragoon Barbute Sunlight Cape
25 Champion Labrys Sentry Half Plate Sentry Galea