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A devout healer, the Cleric adheres to the sacred writings of the Order of Light in Sylvenus.

Equipped with a staff and light armor they are a valuable commodity for adventuring parties. Their healing and empowering abilities strengthen group play.

But, they have no fear of venturing solo using their abilities to survive even in the toughest of environments. New skills are unlocked at certain levels and are available for purchase from the Cleric Master in the Training Hall.


Cleric Spells
Ability Name Ability Icon Cost to Learn Required Level MP Cost HP Cost Rarity Scales With
Healing Pulse Skill 040.png 100g 1 20 Common Magic
Light Prism Skill 042.png 500g 5 40 Common Magic
Shield of Light Skill 070.png 2,500g 12 80 Uncommon Resist
Angels Grace Skill 133.png 5,000g 18 60 Rare Magic
Revive Skill 126.png 10,000g 25 150 Epic Resist
Pillar Of Light Skill 044.png 50,000g 30 200 100 Legendary Magic
Divine Soul 100,000g 40 Legendary Resist


Level Main Offhand Torso Head Legs Finger Neck Back Feet
1 Magi Staff Cotton Shaul Cotton Hat Explorer Pants (M), Explorer Skirt (F) Silver Choker Traveler Boots
5 Conjurer Staff Enchanted Book Acolyte Tunic Acolyte Hat Silver Ring Gold Necklace Work Boots
10 Diviner Staff Scholar Book Phantom Tunic Phantom Hat Mining Pants (M), Mining Skirt (F) Gold Ring Ragged Cloak
15 Magician Wand Seer Tome Fancy Garb Fancy Hood
20 Oracle Wand Holy Tome Sacred Garb Sacred Hood Sunlight Cape
25 Sage Rod Tactics Codex Arcane Robe Arcane Pointed Hat