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Nightmare is open world MMORPG by Magework Studios with night-time PvP mechanics. Customize your character and enter the world of Sylvenus! Go on quests, find treasure, & party with friends. The sky is the limit!

Sh sh 40 2.png We be 40 1.png We as 40 3.png We hu 40 3.png
Paladin Berserker Assassin Sniper
Sh bk 40 3.png We sp 40 3.png We so 40 1.png We mo 40 3.png
Arcanist Spellblade Cleric Monk
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Trade Skills
Tool rod novice.png Tool scythe wood.png Tool pickaxe wood.png Tool axe wood.png
Fishing Harvesting Mining Woodcutting
Hide cow.png Fabric agave.png Food chicken cooked.png Health Potion Lg.png
Leatherworking Tailoring Cooking Alchemy
Bar gold.png Enchanting stone speed.png Tool pickaxe wood.png Tool pickaxe wood.png
Blacksmithing Enchanting Brewing Gemcutting
Tool pickaxe wood.png Board poplar.png
Jewelcrafting Construction
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