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Devoted to justice the Paladin is a defensive class who helps to support allies in critical moments of battle.

Their armor of preference is heavy armor, while they prefer a sword when fighting. The Paladin can shield himself & allies from incoming damage, deal powerful blows to eliminate weakened foes in the back lines & entice enemies away from struggling allies.

These traits and their defensive prowess makes the Paladin a welcome addition to any group.

New skills are unlocked at certain levels and are available for purchase from the Paladin Master in the Training Hall.


Paladin Spells
Ability Name Ability Icon Cost to Learn Required Level MP Cost Rarity Scales with
Tornado Slash Skill 022.png 100g 1 5 Common Attack
Blade Fury Skill 021.png 500g 5 15 Common Attack
Holy Light Skill 140.png 2,500g 12 30 Uncommon Defense
Beat Down Skill 072.png 5,000g 18 50 Rare Defense
Guardians Shield Skill 071.png 10,000g 25 80 Epic Resist
Judgement Skill alt 063.png 25,000g 30 150 Legendary Attack
Divine Aura 100,000g 40 Legendary Resist