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With their enchanted blade at their side, the Spellblade is a casting class that can alternate between close-range combat & long range.

They wield a magically infused blade & wear light armor for protection from powerful abilities. They can prevent enemies from casting spells, shield an ally or make themselves invincible for a period.

They are excellent both in group situations & solo being able to flee from battle while defending from incoming magic.

New skills are unlocked at certain levels and are available for purchase from the Spellblade Master in the Training Hall.


Spellblade Spells
Ability Name Ability Icon Cost to Learn Required Level MP Cost Rarity Scales with
Rainbow Slash Skill 061.png 100g 1 10 Common Magic
Ruby Shield Skill alt 070.png 500g 5 25 Common Resist
Magic Mobility Skill alt 074.png 2,500g 12 50 Uncommon N/A
Silent Sword Slash Skill alt 051.png 5,000g 18 75 Rare Magic
Expose Skill alt 062.png 10,000g 25 125 Epic Magic
Invicta Skill alt 085.png 25,000g 30 250 Legendary Magic
Swordsman's Resolve 100,000g 40 Legendary Attack